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Admiring Melbourne’s Buildings

It’s hard to pin down a favourite building in this city that has so much beautiful architecture all over Melbourne!

With obvious choices such as the  Royal Exhibition Building, Manchester Unity building, the State Library Victoria, Federation Square, the list could go on. I grew to love this city and it’s people through its buildings.

Planned or chanced meetings within the realms of brick and mortar (and sometimes great hidden open spaces) helped formed sweet memories of new friendships and established certain grounds and respect for my adoptive city.

With that reflection, the National Gallery of Victoria or NGV continues to be one of my favourite buildings. Re-calling my first glimpse of its solid blue-stoned-clad façade, I felt its form was proportionally balanced, even when I’ve overheard a person calling it “just a box”! It is definitely, not.

Designed by Sir Roy Grounds and now sitting in company with the Arts Centre and Hamer hall, it makes its presence known along St Kilda Road whilst interacting with its surroundings. Its history and stories as a public building demands to be explored.

Inside, it is as stimulating as it is engaging. Contrary to its forbidding outlook, I am overcome with a sense of reflection, creativity and wonder. It’s almost that this ‘box’ has shut you out from the world outside and a sense of tranquilly draws upon you to experience another space of appreciation. In this case, Art.

Before I go any further, let’s just say I am never disappointed with each visit. There is always a feeling of excitement and admiration. Admittingly, sometimes I don’t see the exhibitions but to just marvel at the famous stained glass ceiling in the Great Hall or to sit in its quietness.  This building is worth a visit and to be experienced.

So what is your favourite building in the city? Perhaps this weekend (29th & 30th July 2017) is the best opportunity to discover that. This year, Open House Melbourne celebrates its 10 years Anniversary! Its grown tremendously as an organisation with over 200 buildings to explore, with some private residences and tours in this year’s program.

The majority of private & public buildings otherwise close to the public are FREE and open access without bookings.  In my fifth year as a volunteer, I am so excited to be a part of it again. I highly commend the contributions of OHM in activating this beautiful city. So gather up your family and friends, or simply just yourself , get a programme and immerse in this year’s fun filled events!


Nurul Sedek

Project Architect

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