Colour in Buildings

I recently participated in a Colour Psychology workshop with renowned colour consultant Zena O’Connor.

This was an opportunity for me to revisit some of the skills I was taught all those years ago when I studied Architecture at RMIT, and I discovered we have been doing the right think all along.

My job as an Architect is to encourage participation in the collaboration of the design process and outcome, including the selection of building materials and colour schemes.

Everyone perceives colour differently – our perceptions are subjective and culturally sensitive – but some general principles apply. Colour and Materials selections  in buildings will influence Focus, comfort, mood, intimacy, perceptions of cleanliness, and a varying perception of space, and highlight symbolism.


Contrasting colour

the red door leads you into the space



Monotone and simple materials

contrasting heritage flooring with the owners special artwork



Natural tones, timber surround

sitting in the window seat makes you feel like you are outside


Monotone with contrast


Monotone and simple materials

Featuring the outside views


Monotone and simple materials

sense of calm and neutrality