We design ecologically integrated sustainable buildings because we care about the Environment, the Community and Built Form.

At BY Projects we strongly encourage all our clients to embrace Sustainable Building Practice.

The design and orientation of a building are critical to maintain Passive Solar Design principles for natural heating and ventilation. Material selection, with the use of low-energy fittings and fixtures, enhance the design, whilst the use of Sustainable practices during construction ensures that the overall process is sustainable.

In Architecture, the term sustainability refers to the philosophy of designing the built environment to comply with the fundamental principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability. At BY Projects, we strongly encourage all clients to embrace sustainable building practice. By regulation all residential buildings must adhere to a 6 star energy rating and commercial buildings to their maximum GREEN STAR ratings; however, we endeavour to look to creating Carbon Zero Buildings. Read More

Sustainable Architects Melbourne

The way that people think about building is changing. It has been for quite some time now, but given the increased push for more environmentally-friendly practices and processes, things are gaining a little more momentum now. The problem to date has been the need for new materials and the carbon footprint that is created through this as well as transportation and energy use required to realise any new development, whether it’s a house or a commercial property.

Looking for Sustainable Architects in Melbourne?

At BY Projects Architecture, we are the best sustainable architects in Melbourne today. Our thirty years as practising architects with direct building experience gives us a considerable edge with regards to understanding how best we can deliver architect-designed homes in Melbourne and features to limit the demands on our planet. We listen to our clients needs first and foremost, but given that so many are looking for smart, innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint, we have adapted and can achieve carbon zero designs.

The risk that many face when they undertake such projects are that they do not plan appropriately and, therefore, run into problems during the construction. We go to great length to troubleshoot for any issues or surprises so that if they come to pass, we are ready to react appropriately without compromising the green credentials of the project.

The Demand Of Sustainable Architects For Green Buildings

Those who are actively looking for sustainable architects in Melbourne are on the right road in terms of planning for the future. Green buildings will become the norm eventually and it would not be surprising to see an increase in retrofitting to improve their ratings in the short to medium term.

Green buildings are not simply a means of saving money. They may require more money to deliver, depending on the specifics of each individual project, but, yes, over time the energy savings will bring about a considerable saving. However, think about the long-term effect that a new commercial property has on climate change when its energy demands are vastly lower and thus, demands on resources are minimised.

An increase in green buildings will undoubtedly push the demand for renewable sources of energy, which creates jobs for Melbourne’s green architects and helps communities to thrive as a direct result as economic growth occurs. Considering the potential of renovating or transforming an old property or a heritage building reduces the requirement for extensive construction work, it creates new spaces within the community and builds a sense of cultural identity. These are all positive things.

Green offices and publicly utilised spaces are generally positive for health and wellbeing. Better ventilation, natural lighting and indoor air quality all contribute to the quality of life of those that share these spaces, which can be expected to boost morale and drive productivity in work environments.

Sustainable Architects Successfully Delivering Projects of All Scales

At BY Projects Architecture, we successfully deliver projects of all scales and sizes consistently. Our extensive network of connections and valued contacts enables us to offer total project management services, which make it that bit more possible to fully realise the vision of our clients. Whether you require expertise in community consultation, feasibility studies, conceptual designs or master planning and beyond, rest assured that we are the professionals that offer more.

As the leading sustainable design architects in Melbourne, we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your project and discover how we can boost its potential and help you deliver a sustainable building that will benefit you and the world around you for years to come.

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