Barbara Yerondais designed and supervised our renovation last year. She was wonderful at every stage. Initially, she provided us with alternative suggestions and discussed them with us. We wanted to open up our kitchen/laundry area and redo the kitchen and family room. She produced a wonderfully workable plan and suggested all kinds of workable installations like a drying cupboard that I would never have thought of. She and Nurul were practical as well as artistic in their vision, always consultative and approachable. They brought us samples and made fabulous suggestions about furnishings, paint work, floors, windows etc. The building process was greatly helped by Barbara and Nurul’s weekly inspections and meetings. The final result is stunning. The area is bright and open as well as amazingly functional. Everyone who comes into the house raves about how much bigger it looks than it did before and how light the whole area is. We recommend Barbara as a sensational architect and a marvellous woman to work with.