Coster’s Curve

The site

This flat country property was part of a larger family farming estate, on the flood prone areas of Gippsland.

Located on the intersection of a couple of minor country roads, on the way to KooWeeRup, the property can be seen from a distance from three different directions.

The brief

Our client’s instructions were clear; a simple brick country home with 4 bedrooms, to be built by local tradesmen.

So how do we create a home, which has a presence in its extended neighbourhood on flat lands in Gippsland; defines a front entry – which may never be used; has 360⁰ views and creates a protected rear yard.

The design

The solution is also simple. The country house formula delineates the accessibility and importance of ‘the back door’ whilst still recognising the need for a formal frontage.

The simple roof trusses arranged in a curved form define the plan and embrace and protect the ‘back yard’ and farm