Alexander Street

The Site

This restored Victorian period home was in perfect condition – but the older style kitchen and poky laundry just didn’t work. The master bedroom was also too small in comparison to the other bedrooms.

The Brief

The brief was to do something with the kitchen and increase the master bedroom, get more light in, and make as few changes as possible. We were given very specific requirements for the look of kitchen cupboard doors and bench tops, and the client was meticulous in her choice of fittings and appliances.

The Design

The bedroom extension is simple; a window seat extending across the width of the room. It feels like it’s always been there.

The living space has been opened up, more French doors to the existing rear verandah, and the laundry hidden from view. A formal dining space has been created, and the kitchen is now the centre of activity of the living space, whilst the living area is larger and enhanced.

A perfect outcome for our client and her family.

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