How to Ensure your Project runs smoothly when the Architect is MIA

We are all human, and at times one needs to take some time out from work. It may be for going on holiday to recharge, an unforeseen family emergency or falling ill.

I am writing this blog from my bed while recovering from a very bad cold. Yes, unfortunately I am one of the flu season victims, however, I am confident that my team at BY Projects are holding down the fort during my temporary absence.

Below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure that project’s continue to progress while the project architect is temporarily MIA.

  • Project management system – Such as Uniphi, iTWOcx & etc
    • We have invested into using the Uniphi system which is a web-based portfolio/ project management software. Besides being a very useful digital filling/ backup tool, it also helps to improved contract admin procedures and resources (money, time and human) management. One of the many functions of this system is that while I am away, it will remind my team member if there are any project deadlines that have to be met. It has all the relevant contact details of the project and most importantly it has the track record of the project so that my colleagues will be well informed.
  • Weekly meetings
    • It is important to have regular meetings to keep everyone up to date of each person’s responsibilities and to keep an open communication.
  • Emails & meeting notes
    • At BY Projects, to avoid any important emails being missed out, we make sure that all work-related emails can be accessed by everyone within the office. We also keep a good record of meeting notes so that anyone can join the project team to work on the same development and to trace back the project history.
  • Good filing system – digital & hard copy
    • It goes without saying that a well-managed filling system is essential for all sort of projects.
  • Keep the communication flowing with the client, authorities, consultants, & builders
    • It is vital to continue the conversation with the relevant people while a person is temporarily away. Therefore, at BY Projects, we always have a backup plan and a second point of contact for each project. If a Project Architect plans to go on a holiday, we make certain that all the relevant people are aware of it in advance and be organised to ensure that the project continues to progress while he or she is away.



Howard Siow


M.Arch (MELB) Hons, RAIA

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