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Expert Commercial Architects Working in Melbourne

Developing a commercial property is a significant undertaking that requires meticulous planning and execution. Those that appreciate the considerable requirements that must be met, not to mention the paperwork and planning applications that must be approved, will undoubtedly seek out professional assistance to take the concept from design to delivery. Those that are looking for the best commercial architects for new buildings or commercial renovation architects in Melbourne for renovations will find a lot to celebrate here at BY Projects Architecture.

We have worked on many different commercial projects over the past 30 years. We have direct building experience as well and have amassed a considerable network of contacts, all of whom are accessible to our clients. We understand that each project is different and will come with many requirements as well as key features that those behind it will want to realise. As such, we are a client-focused business, that takes the time to listen and consider what you want at each stage of the process.

We are well-known architects in Melbourne for our collaborative approach and ability to deliver designs that are completely unique, and achievable within the parameters that apply. We have successfully delivered projects of all sizes from new builds to commercial renovations and you can trust that sustainability is at the core of how we work, which ensures that you can achieve the maximum green star rating that is required by regulation.

Why Having a Commercial Architect Always Helps with Projects

Having commercial architects working with you in Melbourne is invaluable. At BY Projects Architecture, we have extensive knowledge of the city and have helped to create many well-regarded buildings. Our extensive experience gives us a level of insight that is unparalleled and combined with our understanding of what you need, this is a powerful combination that assures you of fantastic results.

Issues in their design often hamper commercial projects that take a long time to reach completion. Working with our team of interior architects affords you confidence in the designs that you submit for approval and development. We know what to look out for, where issues may arise and we are experts in contingency planning. All of this early, intensive design work and planning will inevitably save you time and money.

New buildings are expected to achieve more, simply because the technology and materials accessible are much more advanced. Sometimes the desire to do something new can cloud judgement, but rest assured that we are a creative team that thrives on having to find innovative solutions to achieve the end result sustainably.

It is essential when undertaking a major project that you believe in and feel that you can trust your architects to deliver. We know that there is a lot of money potentially at stake but we did not remain in the industry and earn our place at the top through inattention or ineffective work. We are a team of consummate professionals and we work to achieve what you need on time and on budget.

A Commercial Architect Makes A Fun and Exciting process

Regardless of whether your commercial development is little or large, we understand that it is exciting to move forward with something that will have a direct impact on the community it becomes a part of. At BY Projects Architecture, we make the process of realising concepts and dreams a fun and exciting experience for all of our clients. We take care of everything.

Those that wish to retain the best commercial architects Melbourne has to offer are encouraged to get in touch with us today. We deliver a better all-around experience and exceed expectations every time.

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Our Process

Every Building Design follows a similar process. The complexity and stages are tailored to the individual clients and building type. Research  > Feasibility  > Design  > Document  > Construct The Designs will evolve by working closely with you to ensure we create your Bespoke building to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Integrity is the core value of our culture. We are honest, genuine and ethical in what we do. We keep you informed and collaborate at every step in the process. At BY Projects we are excited to work with complex sites and complex problems to create simple…

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BY Projects Architects Melbourne Architect Process


We design ecologically integrated sustainable buildings because we care about the Environment, the Community and Built Form. At BY Projects we strongly encourage all our clients to embrace Sustainable Building Practice. The design and orientation of a building are critical to maintain Passive Solar Design principles for natural heating and ventilation. Material selection, with the use of low-energy fittings and…

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