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Any community is made up of both the past and the present. Even new developments can differentiate their aesthetic by embracing what was there before them and incorporating this into the design during the planning stages. Community pride and identity come from a connection with the past and how those living and working there engage with it daily.

To make this possibility a reality heritage residential architects help Melbourne architects, developers, and builders as well as independent residents take a piece of the past and transform it while retaining its former glory, and possibly even enhancing it.

At BY Projects Architecture, our renovation architects has over 30 years of design and direct building experience that we can draw on to help your heritage architectural projects in Melbourne come to life. The fact that you are planning to retain the structure that you now own says a lot about your dedication to bringing the past to life in the present day, and so we understand that you have a lot of ideas and concepts to explore.

The good news is that we put our clients’ wishes at the core of every decision we make and the results we have achieved to date speak volumes about our capacity to exceed expectations. We know how delicate these projects can be, but rest assured, we know how to account for any issues and surprises that may arise and can successfully guide your project to completion seamlessly.

A Heritage Residential Architectural Project Has So Much Potential

As the Melbourne’s leading sustainable architects, we are primarily focused on sustainability and helping our clients to achieve their dream homes, buildings and developments through smart, efficient solutions. As heritage residential architects, we appreciate the sustainable factor that is built-in to restoring old buildings. Less construction is required, fewer raw materials or manufactured products need to be fabricated and the difference in energy between restoration or renovation or redevelopment, compared to a new build is huge.

While the physical aspects of the building in question are key to achieving a sustainable build, it’s worth thinking about the knock-on effect that choosing to redevelop an old, historic building can have. There are so many different possibilities that old structures can be used for, e.g. apartment buildings, hotels etc. Using the structures that we have limits the urban sprawl, which consequently means that there are fewer commutes made to and from the city. Again, good news for the environment and a great time-saver for those concerned.

The historical significance of a building is very important to take into consideration when planning a development. Retaining it and filling it with new life can create a sense of community pride and appreciation for the connection to the past. Identity and a sense of place are crucial elements in building communities and through great designs, complementary structures developed around them can demonstrate the harmony between the past and present.

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A Sustainable Path to the Future

The fact is that there are large financial savings to be made by undertaking a heritage architectural project in Melbourne. But, more importantly, through smart collaboration, those responsible for the work can achieve a finished design that transforms old structures and secures their place and significance in the story of the city.

If you are looking for the best heritage residential architects then your search has ended here. Browse our gallery for examples of the work we have completed to date, check out the fantastic testimonials and once you’re ready to talk, contact our heritage architects here at BY Projects Architecture and let’s create a sustainable path to the future that embraces the best of the past.

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