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When an area has a rich history, as St Kilda does, it accumulates a stock of buildings that must be respected. In this case, the history may be what is called “chequered”, but if this is a golden age and we are the custodians, it is down to us, the homeowners and architects, to do what we can to sustain St Kilda and make it an area to be proud of during our time of stewardship. One thing we can certainly do is invest in sensitive house renovation in St Kilda, and that means owners and architects working together to produce high-quality, imaginative but appropriate work.

Know Your History but Use New Technology

Renovation doesn’t mean slavishly recreating what was there originally. Many grand old properties in Australia and around the world have elements that were added at various times over the years, and fashions have changed. So do possibilities, as the steady march of progress brings us materials and methods to which previous generations did not have access.

Looking from today’s point of view, with innovations such as double glazing and solar power, it is obvious how easy it would be to impose such things on a look created many years ago. Sensitivity is the key and that is in the hands of the owners, the renovators and the local authorities who keep an eye on such things. The home renovation St Kilda needs is the result of a considered approach that will come to be regarded as a credit to this generation.

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Getting Your Project Approved

At BY Projects Architecture, this is our way of working anyhow. On any given project we work with the client, listening to their ambitions and dreams and aiming to produce results that will help them achieve those things. We also offer a service that includes liaising with the authorities, saving our clients the stress of jumping through bureaucratic hoops when they may have trouble even understanding the terminology. This is our field of expertise, so we are familiar with the terms, and the jargon that is often used to convey ideas as a sort of shorthand. We can often also anticipate the questions and what may seem to be obstacles that are put in the would-be builder or renovator’s way.

The local government department in charge of this sort of thing is in all likelihood well-meaning, and intent on encouraging suitable development for their area. They don’t want the place turned into a thoughtless mismatch of styles on their watch.

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Our process

Nor, it has to be said, do we, and probably you don’t either. Residential renovation in St Kilda is something that can be done well without being dull and conservative. It’s a matter of imagination and consultation, an exchange of ideas with the ultimate aim of doing the best possible job that incorporates modern issues such as conservation and architectural sustainability with the original style and ideally a sense of the harmonious passing of time. Renovation is important, because what is the alternative? Decline and decay, demolition and rebuilding. Sensitive property renovation in St Kilda is the way forward.

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