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Having your own home built from scratch is an increasingly popular option amongst many people across Australia and the wider world, as it allows you the freedom to customise your house to make sure that it is ideally matched to your needs and preferences. Rather than searching in vain for your dream home on the existing housing market only to end up settling for something which is less than perfect, you can choose instead to work with qualified, experienced residential architects in Melbourne to come up with something designed around your specific lifestyle and living arrangements.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of presuming like many other people that it must inevitably be difficult to find a small house design with low cost, but fortunately, this is not the case. When you choose to work with experts in low budget,low-cost small house design such as those you’ll find here at By Projects Architecture, you can be confident that you will be able to enjoy both quality and affordability in your search for the perfect housing solution for you and your family.

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As well as affordability and quality, the team here at By Projects Architecture are equally passionate about sustainability. We believe that creating buildings that have been designed with the environment in mind is an essential part of modern architecture, serving to ensure that the new homes and businesses being erected in our towns and cities are built in such ways as to protect the long-term interests of the community and the wider eco-systems upon which we all depend.

All of our buildings are constructed with top-quality materials and equipment to guarantee their long-term durability and insulation. We also make use of the natural and climatic conditions of the site, using such natural features as trees, slopes, source of solar light and prevailing winds to help the building maintain naturally suitable air temperatures and ventilation for comfortable habitation without the need to rely too heavily on energy consumption.

We are the award-winning green architects in Melbourne, That’s why all our buildings carry the maximum Green Star rating required under Australian law, and many are completely Carbon Zero. This means that they are powered entirely through either onsite or offsite sources of renewable energy – saving the homeowner money while simultaneously serving the interests of the environment.

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