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Malvern, VIC is a proud, historic, and distinguished place, with a variety of architectural styles. Not as grand as some parts of Melbourne, but then cities tend to get the fancy buildings. Malvern is a living suburb, a place with homes rather than just commercial buildings, and it’s the kind of area where we work with people to create quality living spaces. If you look through our portfolio you will see we can turn our hands to anything and often come up with something innovative.

The life of a building designer in Malvern involves helping people to achieve their aims and their dreams through well-thought-out buildings, whatever budget the client is working to. If someone wanted us to do something on the scale of the NGV International or State Library Victoria, we would be delighted, but such projects don’t come along that often, and we are equally happy producing successful, affordable outcomes for private clients who might appreciate our project management help too.

Working With the Client: A Listening Property Designer in Malvern

We see opportunities where others see restrictions. Our way of working is to listen to our clients, with all their ambitions and aspirations, and find ways to help them. If dealing with the council is not your favourite thing but it has to be done, we can do that on your behalf. We speak the same language, or at least we understand what they mean and can convey your aims and wishes in a productive way.

Our clients range from young couples on a strict budget to mature individuals with very different requirements as regards accessibility and what might be described as ease of living – and perhaps a slightly less restricted budget.

Family homes or community buildings: the same principles apply from our point of view: ending up with happy, satisfied clients comfortable in their new home. Read More

Sensitive to Environmental Concerns

The kind of building designer Malvern needs in this era of ecological awareness is one who knows how to harness contemporary thinking and make it work with the practical demands of building and renovating homes. Recycled materials, repurposed objects and reconditioning rather than manufacturing new things are among the guiding principles of responsible architects today. Architecture sustainability has to be at the core of our thinking, be that using the prevailing wind to help with ventilation or installing solar panels on the roof. Both – and other similar issues – can help the environment and also reduce bills, which brings us back to those inevitable budgets.

Our architect team is led by Barbara Yerondais, who brings 30 years of architectural experience to her new firm and has surrounded herself with fresh talent, and individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring a broad and thoroughly contemporary outlook that enables us to tackle any project in a vibrant, perceptive way. The building design Malvern can benefit from involves not just innovation but sensitivity, not only imagination but a pragmatic approach that respects deadlines from initial design to completion. Read Less

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