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When Only the Best Apartment Architects in Melbourne Will Do

Any commitment to build, extend or renovate is a major undertaking that requires careful consideration and plenty of planning. Apartment owners that have ambitions to transform the space that they have or renovate what they have just invested in will quickly realise that it is essential to consult with those that have extensive experience so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

This naturally leads to a search for the best apartment architects in Melbourne, but when you are planning something so personal that you will live with for some time to come thereafter, finding the team that puts what you want and need at the centre of the equation is how you should make your decision.

At BY Projects Architecture, we have over 30 years of experience as architects with direct building experience. We have been around for long enough to know that the projects that fail to gather momentum are the ones where the client’s needs have not been incorporated into the design and every aspect of the planning process.

As such, we endeavour to afford those that want to maintain the fun and exciting energy that goes hand-in-hand with new builds, developments and renovations to access the possibility to make their dream designs come true.

Great Design Has Many Different Features

Our personalised service is motivated by the opportunity to create a completely unique solution that will exceed your expectations. So, while we have extensive experience developing and realising some of the most diverse designs and concepts, ultimately your choices and parameters are what we will work with to deliver a truly sublime finish.

Here at BY Projects Architecture, we believe that it’s important for the design that we create to reflect your aspirations, as well as those of the community that you are a part of. As one of the most trusted and reputable architecture company in Melbourne, we embrace change and understand that there is a need to move with the times. To this end, our consultative team approach affords you the chance to tap into a range of different services including, community consultation, master planning, conceptual designs and feasibility studies.

The way that we build the world is very different today and so our team is motivated to design ecologically integrated sustainable solutions. The choices that are made at the planning phase can have a huge impact on enabling your project to meet the 6-star energy rating that applies, but for those who are keen to minimise as much as possible, you will be pleased to learn that we can help you achieve a carbon zero-rating.

Trusted Apartments Architects With Three Decades of Experience

Through proactive collaboration that is enabled through our ability to listen to what you want and afford you every opportunity to limit the potential for surprises during the entire process, you can feel confident that the dream design you have in mind will come to life.

Past clients have provided us with testimonials, which speak to their experiences and we encourage you to browse them to gain a sense of what lies ahead for you. As the leading sustainable architects in Melbourne, We are passionate about good design and the sustainability of our built environments and our project gallery is a great way to see the extent of our creative abilities.

When only the best apartments architects in Melbourne will do, look no further than right here at BY Projects Architecture.

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Our Process

Every Building Design follows a similar process. The complexity and stages are tailored to the individual clients and building type. Research  > Feasibility  > Design  > Document  > Construct The Designs will evolve by working closely with you to ensure we create your Bespoke building to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Integrity is the core value of our culture. We are honest, genuine and ethical in what we do. We keep you informed and collaborate at every step in the process. At BY Projects we are excited to work with complex sites and complex problems to create simple…

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BY Projects Architects Melbourne Architect Process


We design ecologically integrated sustainable buildings because we care about the Environment, the Community and Built Form. At BY Projects we strongly encourage all our clients to embrace Sustainable Building Practice. The design and orientation of a building are critical to maintain Passive Solar Design principles for natural heating and ventilation. Material selection, with the use of low-energy fittings and…

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