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Whether your family has grown or if you have retired and decided that you would like to add a little extra comfort to your property, a home extension in Melbourne is a great way to deliver many positive features. It can make all the difference in terms of the amount of light that enters the property during the day, it can open up new spaces that take the pressure off traditionally busy areas in the home and it can give you a new perspective on your community and place in it.

Those that are looking for Melbourne’s home renovation architect that is experienced in residential extension projects have come to the right place. At BY Projects Architecture, we are a team that enjoy collaborating with our clients and seek to make the process fun and exciting. Thirty years leading the field affords us considerable knowledge and ensures that you are tapping into the creative solutions of a team that knows how to create value, innovate and connect you to the best in the business to achieve the highest standard end result.

Key Elements of Great Residential Extension Architectural Input

When you approach residential extension architects in Melbourne to discuss your extension, you may have set ideas about what you want, or you may hope to find some inspiration. One thing to bear in mind is that with the team here at BY Projects Architecture working with you, we will create a great design that reflects your needs and will add value to your home. Remember, even if you are unsure about how much you want to spend when an extension is well delivered it creates value that will increase resale value should you ever wish to move elsewhere.

We have worked with plenty of people who have saved for a long time and have a specific budget in place, which must cover everything from start to finish. Working with award-winning residential architects is a great move because we can help you choose the right materials and finishes, which will achieve the best energy-efficiency standards, but also spare you hefty investment.

It all starts with the plan and design that we put in place. Careful selection of materials and creative design solutions can make your budget stretch considerably. Naturally, we want to deliver a design that you recognise as uniquely yours. We don’t want to present you with something familiar and so through collaboration, we hope to earn your trust and allow you to enjoy the process.

Having a plan is one thing, executing it is something else entirely. Our consultative team approach affords our clients access to consultant groups that can further enhance the value proposition of your design and streamline the process. We have excellent connections throughout the construction world, too, and our input can ensure that nothing is missed, and everything is delivered the way it was planned.

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We will ensure that what you have planned is achievable and we will prepare for all eventualities, so that time is not wasted and most importantly, your budget remains the same throughout. As you seek to upgrade your accommodation, we encourage you to put your trust in professionals that have delivered for countless families, couples and those that want to enhance their living spaces to date. We work to exceed expectations and can do this for you, too.

You’ve found the Melbourne architect trusted by many for residential extension work. And not only that we do residential extension, but we are also a well-known renovation architects in Melbourne. So if you want to get things moving and take one step closer to achieving your dream, simply get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you transform your home.

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