Architects in The Northern Suburbs of Melbourne

Getting your home building or renovation project up and running is an exciting time. And having an industry professional architect in Melbourne’s northern suburbs by your side can make the process far easier. Knowing which permits you need and following regulations, locating reputable contractors and sourcing top-quality materials…the to-do list can take on a life of its own.

However, working alongside expert architects in Melbourne northern suburbs can save you time and money. Clients have told us that they regretted waiting until their project had begun before seeking assistance from our home architects. Unforeseen problems and delays add up. Issues often end up squeezing the budget and putting progress on hold.

But BY Projects Architecture services have you covered, all across the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Our Melbourne architects do much more than draw your blueprint and send you on your way. We assist with approvals, advise on construction, as well as offer sustainable and renewable solutions for the long term.

Why Choose Our Architects in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs?

After 30 years in the industry, we know that the best service we can offer is by listening to you. We take on board every detail while using our extensive experience to bring those ideas together.

The BY Projects Architecture mission is to produce sustainable and environmentally conscious buildings, with the goal of reaching carbon zero. Our materials are from renewable sources and occasionally recycled, to limit the environmental impact of construction.

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We also have some of the top green architects in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. We focus on passive design that builds based on the location, direction of the sun, natural slopes, trees and shaded areas. Using the natural surroundings, and the most suitable materials, your home stays colder in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing your energy consumption and the long-term cost of energy supply. We excel in water conservation too. So if you would like to incorporate rainwater collection and recycling, there’s no place better for your design.

Many think that hiring architects in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs is an expense they could do without, but we ensure that our services are well within your budget. We’ll discuss the scale of your project, materials, and the scope of work, and determine yourquote. At every step, we discuss, alter and revise to ensure that we can deliver the design and solutions you require while keeping the costs manageable.

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Keep Your Project on Budget and on Time

Relying on the assistance of a professional home architect and project manager is just as sensible as relying on professional builders for the construction. We help you avoid easily preventable problems while delivering creative solutions based on our extensive knowledge and experience.

If you’re interested in keeping your project on budget and on time, give us a call today. Alternatively, you can now book a free consultation (worth $1000) with one of our industry experts. We want to hear your project ideas and offer helpful advice on keeping your project on the right path.

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