Period homes have a truly inspirational elegance. These magnificent structures were built to last but may need the help of home renovation architects renovations and repairs to keep them in peak form. Period home architects in Melbourne specialise in adding extensions that precisely match the exterior of the house.

Over the years, many of these period style homes in Australia have been renovated and extended without aesthetic consideration. Quite often the effect is that the changes don’t mesh well with the surrounding environment, nor do they match well with the hallmarks of a period home.

Working with expert Melbourne-based period home architects, however, ensures you get the details that create visual harmony in the design.

When it comes to the interior, a common issue for clients with these homes has been the lack of natural light. If you would like to create more brightness in your home, rethink the layout, or add an extension for more space, speak with our expert interior architects today.

How Can BY Projects Architecture Help?

Home improvements, and home development, can be an enormous task. It’s a challenge in creativity and problem-solving – but completely worth it when the project is complete! The journey through design and construction is exhilarating. But at times it can also be frustrating and, dare we say, overwhelming.

And that’s where BY Projects Architecture can help. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and a team of passionate, knowledgeable architects, we can help you throughout the process, from start to finish. Whether you need guidance on laws and regulations or are looking for a reputable builder, you can benefit from our industry expertise.

The design process we follow is fully collaborative – we want to hear your ideas. During the design phase, we’ll speak regularly to ensure that all your wants and needs are comprehensively covered. From the very first meeting, the process centres around you, your family and the way you use your home. We then use our experience to find the most effective – and budget-friendly – low cost small house designs.

Searching for an Experienced Team to Handle Your Period Home Renovations in Melbourne?

Undertaking a home renovation is a significant task, and when dealing with period home renovations in Melbourne, there are several additional factors to consider throughout the renovation process. Renovating a period home with Melbourne architects revolves around achieving the balance between preserving the traditional style while introducing modern updates to enhance comfort and quality of living.

Period properties serve as living connections to the past and are adorned with unique features that offer character and insights into the previous generations. Typically boasting stunning features like ornate fireplaces, bay windows, and intricate ceiling mouldings, these homes exude a charm that make them highly desirable. Nevertheless, older homes carry their own set of challenges, making their maintenance and renovation a careful task.

What to Look Out for with Period Extensions and Designs

The essence of renovation lies in transforming your home into a space that offers maximum comfort and functionality. This inevitably means modernising certain aspects of the property which may include new period extensions and designs, as these properties may no longer align with contemporary residential building design as living stands and can typically feature cramped rooms or rudimentary amenities in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. However, it’s highly probable that you were drawn to your house precisely because of its charming period features. These distinctive attributes are what makes your home unique, and restoring or preserving them enhances the property’s value, especially if you ever want to resell in the future. Consider focusing most on modernising where it is practical, such as updating fittings, windows, plumbing and opting for high quality materials.

We can assist you in harmonising old and new elements with our home renovation architects. Some of the most captivating renovations of period properties seamlessly combine contemporary and historical styles. One approach to achieving this is by constructing a modern side extension adjacent to the original structure. Dealing with a period property that has undergone numerous alterations over the years or has suffered from neglect can bring about unforeseen challenges. The cornerstone of success in renovating such a property, or any renovation for that matter, lies in thorough preparation before starting the project.

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Period Home Renovations Services You Can Depend On

At BY Projects Architecture, our approach is founded on close collaboration with our clients, ensuring a thorough understanding of the project’s scope and requirements. Within our comprehensive project management services, we offer valuable support in guiding you through legalities and regulations, in addition to facilitating connections with our extensive network of highly esteemed industry experts. Our mission also includes creating carbon-zero structures.

Make sure to obtain the necessary approvals before commencing your period home renovations. If your property holds a listing status, it’s essential to ensure that any modifications align with the property’s character. We can ensure that your timeline and budget are adhered to as well as handle the necessities such as structural and drainpipe surveys. If you haven’t performed these assessments before purchasing your property, it’s strongly advisable to do so before starting any renovation endeavours. This precautionary but essential step will provide insights into whether your structure has suffered significant damage or if your plumbing requires replacement. Beginning a renovation only to encounter burst pipes can lead to substantial setbacks, both in terms of timeline and financial implications.

In the meantime, why not explore our heritage architects services for insights into old structures renovations? Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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Looking for More Sustainable Living Features in Your Period Style Home?

In recent years there have been immense leaps forward in understanding the environment and the human impact on climate change. Older period homes were built before these issues were fully understood, and before sustainable technology was available.

But now there have been great leaps forward in these areas, and many Australians are upgrading their older homes for greater energy efficiency and water conservation. With BY Projects Architecture, you’ll work alongside Melbourne’s top green architects who focus on designing for energy efficiency. Our mission is to reduce the impact of construction on the environment and achieve carbon zero. We do this by offering clients a range of sustainable options, such as passive solar design, renewable energy sources, and rainwater collection.

Our period home architects in Melbourne are experts in combining renovation and innovation.

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