Barbara’s Favourite Websites

In contrast to my favourite things, I would like to give you an insight into some of our ‘favourite’ WEBSITES!

These are all essential to critical information gathering when preparing for any Architectural Building Design. So although we think we are clever – there are lots of available tools to ensure we are up to date and on the right track for each project.

  1. Titles

    -We purchase new and current land titles for each project
    -Check the dimensions, orientation and any encumbrances that may exist, and maybe even restrict any building works.

  2. Land data

    The Victorian Planning Scheme defines all land by Zoning and overlays
    – a quick reference to the local planning report establishes the restrictions to development by nominating Zoning and Overlays

  3. Dial Before you Dig (DBYD)

    All land is services by authorities
    DBYD gives us an overview of where services are located – but it is still important to locate these on site
    -Storm Water collections and Communication

  4. Victorian Building Regulation

    The National Building Code is our construction Bible. All buildings must comply with these regulations in terms of;
    – Structure
    -Damp and Weatherproofing
    -Fire Safety
    -Health and Amenity
    – Safe movement and Access
    -Energy Efficiency

    However in Victoria we are ‘special’ and we must check with every application for Building permit what additional building regulations are applicable.

  5. RAIA – A+ Acumen

    Constructing Buildings successfully is as good as the builders capability and diligence.
    At BY Projects we offer full contract administration services and as A+ members of the Australian Institute of Architects we are guided by the most up to date administration process.

    BY Projects- our professional services are personal, and our projects are always compliant.



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