How to Choose the Right Builder

When it comes to a successful construction project, it is vital to find the right builder. The biggest question for our clients is how to choose the right builder for each project. By what standards they should decide?

The most affordable contractor or one who can complete the job in the shortest time frame, while both essential considerations, might not always be the most suitable one for the job. Unfortunately, a cheap or quick build may not necessarily be a successful one.

When choosing a builder, we must first ensure that they are registered under the Victorian Building Authority in an appropriate category. Ask for your builder registration number and company name so that you can confirm their registration detail on the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website.

Word-of-mouth references are great as they usually come from reliable sources. If no one you know has worked with the builder before, it is essential to request previous clients & architect references from them. Contact the referees and find out how the contractor operates throughout the project. Questions you may ask the referees include:

  • How is their quality of work? Do they pay attention to detail?
  • Are they creative with problem-solving?
  • Did they meet deadlines? If not, did they explain the delay, give advance notice & try to minimise them?
  • Were they easy to reach & communicate with?
  • Were they tidy on-site?
  • Did they return to complete any defective work during the defect liability period?
  • Were there many variations throughout the project, and were they reasonable?
  • Were they on top of their paperwork?

The greater the scope of information you acquire on a builder’s or contractor’s practices, the better informed your decision will be, marking a strong start on your home-building journey.


Howard Siow Project Architect — May 12th, 2023


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