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With any new inquiry I almost always get asked this question – “What is BY Project’s design style?” Although you may have noticed similarities when looking through our website and previous projects, BY Projects Architecture signature is not the same for each project – we don’t have an official style. The reason for this is rather simple: no two projects are ever the same!
Townhouse Developments


Undeniably, different clients have different needs, different projects have different specifications, and different sites have different possibilities. When we generate our ideas, we use a collaborative process to ensure each of our projects reflects our client’s aspirations, their personal likes and dislikes. We do this by:

  1. Listening carefully to our client’s needs – both spatial and financial and finding a suitable design style.
  2. Simultaneously preparing careful site analysis to assess the natural features of the site, and the surrounding neighbourhood.
  3. Analysing the planning regulatory requirements for each site accordingly.
  4. Further ensuring we have good knowledge in:
    • Architectural history and precedence.
    • Built form and current trends.
    • Passive solar design and sustainability of materials and technologies.
    • Construction methodologies, processes and materials.
    • Building regulations.


Kitchen Renovations
Moreover, we establish a lasting and trusting partnership to lead you through the process. There are usually a lot of discussions concerning practical things – such as room sizes and relationships, recognisable built forms that you envisage, likes and dislikes; and the less tangible ones – like how do you want to feel entering this space? While a lot of analogies have been made by clients describing the process above mentioned, including “it is like haute couture – having your own dress made to suit your personality”. I like to describe it as the difference between a home-made hamburger and a happy meal! My favourite example of this diversity of design ideas and forms is unquestionably to compare similar types of projects, with very different outcomes. Below are fantastic examples of heritage projects with similar parameters and vastly different outcomes.
Heritage Additions & Alterations



Barbara Yerondais Director and Principal Architect 07/04/2022


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