A Space of Our Own – Mother’s Day

I am personally not a big fan of these big commercial promotions but considering I am a mother, at least this one I can relate too…

When my children were in Child Care they lead me to believe they would both be artistic geniuses, which I’m sure many other parents thought when all they received were beautifully handcrafted gifts. I was always inspired by their creations; Finger painted photos, stick figure mugs and an abundance of macaroni creations.

Once they reached primary school their creative streak slowly fizzled out – along with my dream of my daughters advancing in arts and crafts – as spending all of their hard earned pocket money became much more appealing. The Mothers Day Stall provided me with enough soaps and candles to last a life time.

Along with the teenage years came some very interesting dinner experiments, although at least the macaroni was cooked this time!

These days, with my daughters both being in their 20’s and traveling the world, I’ll be lucky to get a phone call.

Which brings me back to the ‘consumerism’ of the occasions

It seems that Mothers Day gifts can fall into distinct categories – Kitchen Appliances, Perfumes, Soaps, Meals, Pyjamas etc – but let’s put another spin on it!

Wouldn’t the perfect gift be a day all to yourself? No cooking, no cleaning, no responsibilities what so ever…

It all sounds too good to be true, but it got me thinking as a mother, how do we create ‘A Space of our Own’? Our own special place in the home that allows us to unwind.

When my children were small my ‘escape’ space was the dining room table – no one was allowed to interrupt mummy when she was working/dreaming/thinking. But when we have the opportunity to really think about spaces that we can ‘unwind and recharge’, what would it look like?

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A peaceful place to wander into your own mind, have a cup of tea and watch the world go by


melbourne architects modern kitchen island bench home decor interior design BY Projects
To me a kitchen represents the center of family life. Even though it may not always be an escape, it is always a happy place.

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Melbourne architecture mothers day BY Projects A chair put aside just for you, this is your chair – maybe in your bedroom, or perhaps the lounge- a place when you can sip on your hot coffee and unwind without any disruption. My favourite being this exact chair – “Chesterfield Wing Chair”


How could you argue that nothing says ‘escape’ more than nature. Can never go wrong surrounding yourself in a beautiful outdoor area.