Visual Communication in Architecture

At BY Projects Architecture, we aim to provide a clear and concise visual understanding of what we intend to create for our clients based on their intentions and brief– a design process conveying ideas and information translating them from sketch to reality. Visual communicative tools by means of hand sketches and 3D modelling are essential tools that we use to communicate with our clients. This is critical for us at the design stage, where we often go through rigorous design processes considering planning and building policies to give a legitimate outcome of what the building could be. Organically it becomes a platform for open discussion, where the client and architect derive critical design decisions through a virtual ‘walk-through’ of the project – made achievable through 3D programs such as sketch-up.

In the building industry there are multiple visual languages that we use to communicate. ‘Drawing’ being the fundamental component, is used initially for the purposes of forming ideas. Design software subsequently comes in to develop the sketch ideas further into a more precise and clearer model. Diagrams in the form of 2D or 3D can also be used to convey information or ideas to consultants/ clients. 

In our practice, we aim to provide clarity. Often, we get remarks from clients that they appreciate the 3D visualisations that we produce, be it during sketch design phase or design documentation. During meetings with clients, we share design ideation through plan drawings while simultaneously giving 3D visual impressions of how the space would potentially appear. Using this method of visual communication also allows for deeper understanding of the space and layout.

3D visuals also allow for quick iterations of material and colour schemes, often made clearer once it’s been set in virtual space. There is also provision of understanding how intangible elements such as natural daylight and shadow is casted in the space, which can be activated in the 3D model with a click of a button. The light and shadow effect often give the building a richer and more dynamic impact.

Hamzah Mansoor



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