Architecture as an inspiration

How can architecture be used as a tool and inspiration to personalise and improve the everyday spaces we live in? This weeks blog comes through the artistic vision of our team member Judit.  

The personal touch

It is commonly said that it is so important that you make your bed each morning for a few reasons. The first is so that you start your day off by completing a task. The second, and perhaps more importantly, is so that when you get home at the end of the day, no matter how hard that day might have been, you have a well-made bed ready for you to collapse into.

This, in part, is why architecture will always be so important in our lives. At the end of any day, no matter how easy or difficult, you want to be able to retire to somewhere you can call home. This place should be as pleasing to you as possible, and it will be those personal touches that make it your own.

The “Blank Canvas”

It is critical to have one particular room in any home which is as beautiful as possible to you personally. Somewhere that is beautiful because of the artistic vision you have put into this room. This doesn’t mean going to Kmart and buying any old plastic plant or printed photo, but instead something you have cultivated over time, through photos and memories or plants you have grown, art you have selected, curated, and moved around the room. A room you feel safe in, that has lived and changed as you have. A room that grows with you and makes you feel at peace when you enter.

Architecture has always been more than merely designing and constructing spaces. This is because to be a truly innovative architect; you must create a space that is both a blank canvas and an inspiration to someone to then make that space their own personal, beautiful paradise.



Judit Solerdelcoll–  Aug, 2022


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