Getting to know your Architect

Getting to know your Architect – Tips on how to choose the right Architect for you.
What do you do when you have some sort of an idea for your project but isn’t sure where to start? Find someone who does!
An Architect. Bypass that someone who knows that guy who knows this person that lives with that someone who that. You’ll get Nowhere!

Alright, you’ll get somewhere but it’ll probably take you longer than you’d like. If you value good design, why wouldn’t you find someone who is aligned with your ideas to come up with solutions (or creatively challenge them) to achieve your dream? The beginning of the Client-Architect relationship is the most important. You will be dating this person & embarking on an adventure that would probably cost you another mortgage! So why not do it right. Yes, that’s archi-dating for you. It is no less different from what dating is. A form of getting to know you and for you, a way of sussing us, the architects, out!

Imagine this, first, you decide to meet. You contact Ms (or Mr) Brilliant Architect for a quick chitchat. You like how we sound and you arrange a meeting. You will jump at realising that the first meeting is FREE. Well, most practices do.

Keeping it casual, we’ll have a brief discussion on your site, or home or something entirely different! (Doesn’t matter as long as it excites you and us) There will be some pen and butter- paper flirting that aims to WOW you. Ms (or Mr) Brilliant might even whizz out some images or documents that demonstrates her or his knowledge in the matter. As this is the first meeting, it will often be quick, say not more than 60 mins. If there are sparks and explosions in the room, we’ll both know that we’ve found our match! A good indication that the next couple of months or years could potentially be GREAT! Ta –da! That easy.

It is high time that Architects are approached more often. The notion that we will ‘cost too much’, or some might say ‘too expensive than that person we know’ needs to stop. There are good reasons for that which will be further discussed at another time. Give it a go, try having a chat with one, (alright, a couple if you need too) and compare them. You’ll be surprised at the plethora of information or quick tips given by architects that you might not realise were crucial or missing to start your project.

So there you have it. Those are the first baby steps to get to know an architect. A quick phone call or email followed by quick flips of diaries.

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