What is the attraction about a blog?
Social Media, Education, Entertainment, Sharing, Fun??

But as an Architect I’m more inclined to communicate ideas in drawings and sketches, through personal communication which would include hand gestures and lots of body language, rather than written words. And if my writing is a little bit ‘Chatty’ – well it doesn’t come easy – so I tend to write my thoughts as I draw


So why Blog?

We need to use the relatively new mediums to communicate in a much more immediate method. We need to market our services and let potential clients know; what we are doing at the moment, how clever we truly are, any why you should use me and my team for your next design problem.

I say design problem, because we are all about generating ideas and creating buildings and other built environments, including interiors, urban spaces and gardens.

We bring a depth of knowledge and experience about Sustainability, Planning requirements, building materials and construction techniques, and construction management into the design process.

Buildings are about creating and manipulating spaces, and there is a process. We lead our clients through the process to create dreams.

The process engages the various stakeholders (clients, user groups, developers, builders, etc). The process is exciting and we like to ensure all get enthusiastic to then become the owners of the spaces we create. It is a collaboration.

We create Dreams, convert dreams into realities, and understand there are budgetary and time constraints.

My team and I are going to share the Blog writing for the practice. We can then share all our experiences, ideas and opinions. Sometimes we will include sketches and photos, and we will in time work out what sort of Key Words will attract your attention.

By way of introduction, I’ve been in private practice since late 1988, graduating from RMIT in 1986. The first 20 years as Walker and Yerondais Architectural Partnership, and since mid-2009 as BY Projects Architecture.

I have continued a part time Academic career, initially at RMIT, and more recently at the University of Melbourne, lecturing in Construction, Property and Project Planning, in the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. I am also involved in social service, and in 2016, was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow from the Rotary Club of Melbourne for Services to the Community.

Over the last 28 years I have created an enormous body of work; from the smallest of commercial fitouts and residential renovations, to much larger Aged Care facilities and mixed use accommodation for both private and government sectors. My passion is in the Arts and Crafts, and I treat every building project with the same attention to detail.

Ideas for all our building projects are generated through the design process, gaining inspiration from our clients, building use and the local environment. We have a focus on well designed and sustainable buildings; and a detailed understanding of bureaucratic processes and construction methodology.

I love what I do and will keep it up for a long time to come. But what I do best is create an opportunity out of very difficult sites

So thank you for reading my first Blog.

The other members of the BY Projects Architecture team will be regular contributors. We have our own writing styles, however we all better visual communication skills than writing skills ☺

I am seeking ideas for the next series of writing and would love to hear your thoughts and what you would like to learn from our experience and knowledge. Some ideas for now include.

  • How to choose the best small development site
  • How to choose a larger development site
  • Choosing the right material for your kitchen bench
  • Choosing the right White
  • Small renovations
  • Converting your home to allow Aging In Place
  • The Tiny House

I would also request as much feedback as you have time for

Barbara Yerondais
Director and Principle Architect
BY Projects Architecture




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