50 Shades Of White

Are you dreaming of a room that makes you feel hot and steamy, or warm and fuzzy…
Maybe a room that gets you excited the minute you walk in the door? Do you want the colours to embrace you and make you feel safe?
Then you need to ask yourself… what makes the perfect white?

Choosing the right white comes from the rooms ability to reflect their own individual colours in the space.
It depends on natural light, interior colours, and surrounds.

This is a very subjective topic. What is the right white for me?

There are 4 major factors to take into consideration when selecting what white to paint your room;

What colours are your furniture, fixtures, fittings, even fabrics… you need to understand these existing colours

In a very broad spectrum, white can be classified into warm and cool, these are the undertones that need to be identified.

The light sources in the room need to be highly considered, both natural and from lights

Orientation will decide coolness and warmth (temperature), therefore a north-facing room will have a different white to a south-facing one

BY Projects Melbourne Architects kitchen 50 shades of white

 Cooler colours will commonly have blue or black undertones, which helps in neutralizing bright lights. It would be recommended for areas with lots of windows; suiting more modern contemporary spaces.

BY Projects Melbourne Architects kitchen 50 shades of white

Warmer whites inject softness into a room. With their yellow, brown, or red undertones they make an area feel cosy and ‘warm’. These whites are more suited to an older-style home with less windows.



Sara Castelluccio
BY Projects Architecture




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