Barbara’s Favourite Things: 5 Gorgeous finds BY a Melbourne Architect – MARCH

A monthly series from local Melbourne architect, Barbara Yerondais, sharing 5 favourite things.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing other people’s favourite things, it gives me an idea of who they are and what type of design style they’re attracted to.  I know I could get lost for hours and hours just browsing through photos of products and ideas.  But there’s something always missing from just looking at an image; it’s the story of WHY someone likes things.  Is it the colour, the texture, the shape?  Is the the light, or perhaps even the lack of light?

It’s all of these elements (and so much more) that I consider when I’m meeting with a client for the first time.  They become like clues that will help me piece together exactly what clients want and need from the project I’m designing for them.

This week as I thought about how clients share with me the ideas they love and the things they like, I decided it would be great to share some of my favourite things so you can see my where my design influences start and get to know some of my quirks.

The Abey Slim30 Kitchen Mixer with Pull Out

Nothing like the convenience and luxury of having running water at the tip of your fingers. Especially when it comes out of a multi-functional tap. Once you’ve experienced a detachable handle and spray function, it will be hard to live without.

Slim30 Kitchen Mixer with Pull Out ($88.89 )



Locally made Redgum Timber tables

My  ultimate soft spot for hand made Red Gum timber tables, especially if you’re lucky enough to get them all in one piece.  I love the way the redgums grain tells a story of the life it once lived

Beautiful locally handmade Redgum kitchen table


barbara's favourite things redgum timber table melbourne architect
ArchitectureAU Magazine
You will always find this magazine somewhere within my vicinity, a good read with some great ideas and products, alongside some beautiful design work. It’s always nice to see the progression of architecture.

Architecture Australia Magazine, available for subscription

barbara's favourite things architectureAU magazine melbourne architect


Yellow Trace
Sourced from her favourite little art shop ‘Melbourne Artist Supplies’ (Which is right down stairs!), Barbara cannot go a day without her trusty yellow trace paper. A true necessity in every Architects office. Without our tracing paper, there would be no drawings.

Yellow trace (Varying sizes)
barbara's favourite things yellow trace melbourne architect

LEDlux Dimmable Downlights
Let there be light!
Every home needs light, and who doesn’t love LED downlights, especially with the thrill of setting the mood with the dimmer function. Available in different colours, these lights can be suitable to any room, a great addition to every home!

LEDlux dimmable downlights ($88.89)

barbara's favouite things led downlights melbourne architect