Barbara’s Favourite Things: 5 Gorgeous finds BY a Melbourne Architect – APRIL

A monthly series from local Melbourne architect, Barbara Yerondais, sharing 5 of her favourite things.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing other people’s favourite things, it gives me an idea of who they are and what type of design style they’re attracted to.  I know I could get lost for hours and hours just browsing through photos of products and ideas.  But there’s something always missing from just looking at an image; it’s the story of WHY someone likes things.  Is it the colour, the texture, the shape?  Is the the light, or perhaps even the lack of light?

It’s all of these elements (and so much more) that I consider when I’m meeting with a client for the first time.  They become like clues that will help me piece together exactly what clients want and need from the project I’m designing for them.

This week as I thought about how clients share with me the ideas they love and the things they like, I decided it would be great to share some of my favourite things so you can see my where my design influences start and get to know some of my quirks.


Smeg PGA96 Double Wok Burner Cook top

One of my passions, out side of designing homes for others, is being in my own home entertaining the people I love. As like many others, time isn’t always on my side though, and what better way to speed up the processes than preparing everything at once. I swear by my Smeg Double Wok burner to help me with this process, I recommend this product everyone.

Smeg PGA96 Double Wok Burner Cook Top ($2450.00 )


barbaras favourite things smeg cooktop 6 burner kitchen appliences melbourne architect


Qasair Heritage Rangehood

I am sure everyone could agree that no matter how delicious, there is nothing worse than the lingering smell of your cooking hours after you’ve finished… especially when it is fish! That’s why my absolute favourite rangehood is the Qasair Heritage, it’s ability to draw is exceptional and will never leave any lingering smoke or smells.

Qasair Heritage Rangehood ($1845.00)

qasiar heritage rangehood barbaras favourite things kitchen appliences melbourne architect

Villeroy & Boch Anmut (thin rimmed) Mug
As any other hard worker would agree, I cannot get through a day without my coffee! Although I can be a little picky when it comes to what mug I use. One of my little quirks is that I prefer my coffee out of a THIN rimmed mug, I might even agree that it makes the taste better.

Villeroy & Boch Anmut Mug ($49.95)


villeroy & boch anmut mug barbara yerondais favourite things melbourne architect


Marbig A4 Double Pocket Presentation Folder
As an architect I take great pride in my work, as completed jobs are my only tool to present my skills to clients I need to have a  carefully put together showcase of these works. I find the most appropriate way of demonstrating my skills is by outlining the process and journey that my clients and I will be taking. To present this I always rely on Office Work’s Marbig A4 Double Pocket Presentation Folders, they are a neat and tidy way of collaborating the appropriate information for each individual project.

Marbig A4 Double Pocket Presentation Folder ($22.94 per pack 10)


office works A4 double pocket presentation folder Barbara Yerondais favourite things melbourne architect



Post-it Yellow Sticky Notes
My brain is constantly racing, and one of the many downfalls of that is often forgetting a lot of thoughts I have throughout the day. I could not imagine how my business would still be functioning if it wasn’t for the convenience of post-it notes to document all my thoughts as I have them. I am yet to meet a person who doesn’t love yellow sticky notes!

Post-it Yellow Sticky Notes (varying prices)

yellow post-it sticky notes barbara yeronadais favourite things melbourne architect











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