Ageing In Place – Middle Park

The site

Richard and Mirion had lived in this fabulous beachside apartment when they first retired some 20 years ago, but had moved to a Port Melbourne terrace after some 10 years. The apartment remained and was used by various family members over the years

Both were struggling with Mobility and Arthritis, but fiercely independent.

The brief

We looked at a number of options for Richard and Mirion.

They love their Port Melbourne Terrace home, it’s in walking distance to all community facilities, and they love their neighbourhood.

Major renovations to their Port Melbourne Terrace, would enable them to obtain accessibility, but the changes required was all a little daunting, and they were reluctant. We explored a number of options, based on a variety of costs.

The decision was then to make the apartment 100% accessible, but try to keep it looking like a luxurious apartment and not a nursing home.

The design

The process for preparing designs and documents was consultative and cooperative.  All details have been considered, and  the clients participated in every detail of the design. There was a requirement for the home to not look like an accessible home, and it ‘just looks normal’

The newly renovated apartment will keep Richard and Mirion at home as long as their health is good.

There is space for a live-in help, should it be required

The bathroom is luxurious, fully accessible and there is room for a helper;

The laundry cupboard has been automated, to ensure no high reaching is required.

The kitchen cupboards  glide easily, and all utensils are designed to be kept in just the right place

Mirion is an avid cook, and will continue with her cooking despite her arthritis

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