The Lofts

The site

There is a lot happening on this small northern suburban block. A heritage shop and dwelling, which was once a butcher’s shop, opposite the railway line.

The site was subject to local graffiti, and so our client commissioned a local artist to ‘do their work’. This successfully resulted in no one offering to tag the artwork – and the house has been left in relative peace.

The brief


The building was ‘falling apart’, and just way too small for a growing family.

Bathroom and kitchen facilities inadequate, and just not enough bedrooms. The clients instruction was to create as much building as possible on this small block, with lots of light and a feeling of spaciousness.

Security was also an issue, especially since much of the residence is built to the boundary on the footpath edge.

The requirements included a space for our client’s natural therapy practice, removed from the living areas of the house

The design

Commencing construction proved frustrating for our clients, especially delays in neighbour’s signing adjoining consent, new mains sewer and water connections, and the many report and consent application required by the local municipality. But the wait has been well worth it.

All the spaces are full of light with long outlooks into the treetops. The first floor bedrooms, have a ‘lofty feel’ with lots of storage, private and secure from the street below. The home clinic above the garage has a similar lofty feel, and well suited to its use.

Ground floor living spaces are quite unique, and work well with the family’s lifestyle

An exciting example of what can be achieved on such a small heritage site


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