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Melbourne’s Preeminent Residential Renovation Architects

There is potential in every building that is listed for sale. New owners are always excited to make sweeping changes and imprint their personal style and personality once they close the sale on an old, vacated or heritage building or apartment because they have seen the potential that is there to realise the kind of home that they want. Similarly, homeowners that have grown tired of what they have and want to freshen things up will recognise that change within their existing walls is a shortcut to a new home.

At BY Projects Architecture, we are the home renovation architect that a lot of people, just like you, turn to every year when they want to do something new and brilliant with their home. Our popularity stems from 30-years of experience in this business, delivering and exceeding expectations for our clients time and time again. We are Melbourne’s well-known renovation architects for our listening skills and dedication to achieving what our clients want first and foremost.

The push for smart, environmentally-friendly approaches to renovation and development has set us apart, given that we are passionate about sustainability in our work and can achieve carbon zero designs. We deliver on time and on budget, and our unique creative abilities afford you a team that has the talent to find effective, efficient solutions that deliver incredible results.

Key Considerations When Hiring an Architect for Your Home Renovation

As you browse your options among the residential renovation architects in Melbourne, it’s worth bearing a few things in mind that will be crucial to the success of your project. Here at BY Projects Architecture, our clients regularly comment on our ability to save them money and shepherd them through the entire process seamlessly. It’s never just about the design, it’s factoring in all the other elements that are necessary to realise it and then take it through to completion.

Make no mistake, renovating a building or apartment is a process that moves forward in a particular way. Planning for each stage is essential and understanding how best to focus your time and energy, as well as procure the kind of resources that will achieve a greener building all contribute to a much more fun and exciting experience, as opposed to one that is frustratingly stop-start.

Do you want to address each issue as you reach it, or do you want to plan in advance and take advantage of the relationships that your residential architect already has to keep things running smoothly? Over 30 years, we have created and sustained fantastic relationships with contractors, engineers and consultants across a diverse cross-section of industries, many of whom you will need to call upon. Our project management services take the pressure off you and ensure a straight-forward route to the finish you’ve been dreaming of.

Value is an important part of the renovation process and we know exactly when to spend and where savings can be made without sacrificing on the quality or aesthetic achieved. We’ve learned these shortcuts over time and we enjoy nothing more than enabling our clients to stretch their budget that little bit further.

Need a Home Renovation Architect? Browse Our Extensive Portfolio

At BY Projects Architecture, we invite you to browse through the extensive portfolio of our past projects. This will give you a sense of just how creative our team is and the different ways that we have applied our skills across a variety of projects of very different scales and aesthetics.

If you’ve settled on moving forward with your plans and need a home renovation architect that can truly take your designs, ideas or dreams to the next level, then get in touch with us today.

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Our Process

Every Building Design follows a similar process. The complexity and stages are tailored to the individual clients and building type. Research  > Feasibility  > Design  > Document  > Construct The Designs will evolve by working closely with you to ensure we create your Bespoke building to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Integrity is the core value of our culture. We are honest, genuine and ethical in what we do. We keep you informed and collaborate at every step in the process. At BY Projects we are excited to work with complex sites and complex problems to create simple…

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BY Projects Architects Melbourne Architect Process


We design ecologically integrated sustainable buildings because we care about the Environment, the Community and Built Form. At BY Projects we strongly encourage all our clients to embrace Sustainable Building Practice. The design and orientation of a building are critical to maintain Passive Solar Design principles for natural heating and ventilation. Material selection, with the use of low-energy fittings and…

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