We understand seeing an Architect can be overwhelming, as you may not know what to expect or what the results will be. We make the process simple by working with you to create ideas, working through all approvals, and explaining building and construction processes.

The first scoping meeting will involve detailed discussions to highlight what it is you would like us to create. We will ask you simple questions such as – who will occupy the house? how many bedrooms, bathrooms? etc, and discuss more complex habits – where do you drink your coffee in the morning? do you like to look at the view, and from which spaces, do you have pets and how do you accommodate them?

From our first meeting we will be able to prepare a fee proposal and building budget, and the process will begin. We tailor our fees based on the Scope of Architectural work required, the Design and the complexity and variety of permits required.

Once we have visited your site and prepared a Site Analysis, the first Schematic Design ideas will emerge, together with a building budget. The agreed ideas and budget will form the basis of the final design through collaborative consultation.

We combine innovative ideas, experience and most importantly your aspirations to produce a creative and personalised design. We will provide ideas that produce a sustainable building in term of its architecture and environment, to full satisfy your aesthetic and financial requirements and to exceed your expectations.

Often Planning Permits will be required prior to the commencement of detailed construction documentation. We are always vigilant with cost estimates to ensure we are preparing a project that meets your budget requirements.

Once Construction documents, including drawings and specifications are completed we can move to the Contract Administration Stages. This involves project managing the construction by initially obtaining fixed price quotations from our selected range of builders, organising building contracts, overseeing the construction program, and then monitoring the Defects Liability Period.

A well designed building, thoroughly documented, and contracted at a fixed price should not achieve any unforeseen Variations

We believe in creating solid collaborative relationships with you and our builders, engineers and councils so we can ensure the best result for your project.

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